The top news in India over the past 12 months has been Prime Minister Modi’s move to ban 85% of the currency in circulation.  In return, something much bigger was created:  India Stack. Before 2009, half of all Indians didn’t have any form of identification, not even a birth certificate. Without a form of identification, citizens couldn’t access services like banking, insurance, or get a driver’s license. Because of this, many opportunities like starting a business were not available to them.

India Stack is a set of application of programming interface that allows governments, businesses, startups and developers to utilize a unique digital Infrastructure to solve India’s problems towards paperless and cashless service delivery. India Stack brings millions of Indians into the current economy by reducing friction and fosters innovation to build products for financial Inclusion, healthcare & educational services at scale. It also brings a paradigm shift in the way government services are delivered in a transparent, accountable and leakage free model. India Stack could fast-track the move to digital payment systems across the developed world and mark the end of cash.  A big shift for a society that has been founded on a cash-intensive system for centuries.