India’s love for ice cream is no joke! As ice cream sales slowdown in markets such as the US and the UK where consumers are curbing their sugar consumption, business is booming in Asia’s third-largest economy. Over the past five years, India’s ice cream sales volume has increased at a compound annual rate of nearly 13%, the fastest in the world according to  Mintel’s Ice Cream 2017 Global Annual Review. The sales volume is expected to nearly double in India from 334.4 million liters in 2016 to 657.2 million liters by 2021 and by then the market is likely to be worth over $1.6 billion.

“Increasing disposable incomes in India has made ice cream a more affordable treat for consumers,” Ranjana Sundaresan, global senior analyst at Mintel, explained. “It is no longer seen as just a treat for kids, and adults are now looking at ice cream as a snacking option in the widening variety of flavors, textures, and formats.” While India’s premium ice cream market is flourishing, foreign brands such as London Dairy and Häagen-Dazs have brought in new flavors and Hindustan Unilever’s popular Magnum ice cream bars are now available in 14 Indian cities.  Local artisanal brands have gained popularity in Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai with the trends in unconventional flavors becoming extremely popular such as blue cheese honey and smoked milk chocolate bacon!