Little known fact:  Mumbai hosts the world’s second largest collection of Art Deco buildings! Tourists tend to focus on established landmarks, such as the Gateway of India, while residents, some of whom live in Art Deco apartments, are hardly aware of their historical significance. The Art Deco style originated in the 1920s and spread from Europe to the US and the rest of the world through the 1930s and 1940s. In Mumbai, Indian architects were drawn to its futuristic glamour and began using new materials and technologies available to incorporate geometric patterns, pastel colors, and even nautical elements (such as porthole windows) in buildings. Some of the most famous are the Regal and Eros theatres and the Fairlawn apartments which still stand today!

Over the past year, a team of local aficionados has been working to raise awareness about the Art Deco style, taking to Facebook and Instagram to document all of Mumbai’s Art Deco details and help people engage with the city’s outstanding architecture. On June 27, Art Deco Mumbai, a self-funded non-profit organization, launched an online platform to inspire architecture buffs, experts and fans to explore and learn more about one of India’s most underrated architectural styles.