Happy Halloween! Which is why it is the perfect time to share the story of the Kalpalli Burial Ground in Karnataka, India. Not to fret, this story is not full of ghosts or ghouls, as this family cemetery turns into a school for children at night. Led by Samuel Gladson and Gleeda D’Silva, kids aged between 5 and 15 take part in games through which they learn a new lesson and lay the foundation for a bright future. Kalpalli gravediggers have been in the profession for six generations, and this is first time that their children are going to school and attending special tuitions on the graveyard premises. This has been possible due to the efforts of Samuel Gladson, an assistant professor at St. Joseph’s College of Commerce, and Gleeda D’Silva, project manager at Dream India Network, who have been educating the kids through their venture, Project Rupantara, which began in 2016. Every day after finishing their jobs, Samuel and Gleeda head towards the burial ground to teach the children. While some prefer to sit on mats during the two-hour class, a few even grab seats on the graves. The children are taught all different subjects so that they can lead the life they want in future careers outside of gravedigging. Thanks to Project Rupantara thirty kids from various families are able to dream big!