You can now get tailor-made from the comfort of your own home! Herringbone & Sui, one of India’s luxury made-to-measure men’s brands offers the BEAVERTECH experience- a revolutionary photo measurement technology that maps your measurements more accurately than a tailor in under 5 minutes. Share a profile picture and a couple of basic measurements and their proprietary technology will use Artificial Intelligence to compute 34 different measurements more accurately than a tailor. Whether you are looking for custom made shirts, blazers or a full-blown tuxedo, BEAVERTECH has you covered with endless options and designs.

Craftsmanship and technology is interwoven to give life to an impressive garment with a finish that ensures timeless style, exquisite finesse and longevity. With a network of skilled Personal stylists helping every client find his unique style, the Herringbone & Sui experience is unlike any other. Each stylist provides the best possible service, customized fit and personal attention. The company stands out because they chose to stand out in the Indian fashion market.

“Tailoring is a dying art in India”,  says Kabir Mehra, one half of the duo at Herringbone & Sui, “even though Indian fashion is one of the few industries that can spare the man power. But that’s not it, most tailors don’t even have the equipment to give you the finish of luxury brands.” Focusing on the whole idea to make luxury affordable, the fabric they import is the best in the world; Viyella in Italy, Zegna and other boutiques that are “actually quite finicky about who they give them to…” he trails off enthusiastically, “There’s this design firm called Caccioppoli. Stunning stuff, changes every season and they are unique pieces you can’t get repeats.”

Combining their dedication and knowledge of fashion with technology and the finest of fabrics, Herringbone & Sui leads the way. Within the month they will be launching an entirely new wedding collection so it seems they will not be stopping anytime soon. Who else can get you a fabulous fitting suit with just the touch of your fingertips?