Thrive Global, a startup set up by The Huffington Post co-founder Arianna Huffington, has set its eyes on the Indian market and will offer solutions to companies and individuals to help enhance their well-being and productivity. Thrive Global, which currently operates in the US, was set up in 2016 and raised $30 million in series B funding in November last year. The company has partnered with Times Bridge to launch its operations in India.

“Reports suggest 80% of working professionals in India feel stressed at work and exhaustion and fatigue are leading health concerns among adults in India. Addressing these will not only improve health of employees but also increase productivity of the business,” Huffington said. There is a huge potential in the Indian market, adding that Thrive Global’s content and tools for corporates and individuals can guide them towards better health and higher productivity. “We will integrate India’s ancient wisdom, teachings of Gita and Vedas with international practices to suggest steps that can lead to overall well-being of the individuals,” she said. Thrive Global’s technology product suite is designed to help people create a healthier relationship with technology. The corporate services include workshops, e- courses and organizational assessments to measure the impact of these solutions. On January 3rd, Ariana Huffington invited everyone to join the conversation about the role of technology in our lives. She was in Mumbai to host a Twitter Town hall discussion on technology, humanity, health and well-being taking it as an opportunity to set individual and collective New Year’s resolutions. Ending stress and burnout, changing the way we work and live, and creating a healthier relationship with technology are the central missions of Thrive Global. Way to go Arianna!