Kashmir is currently one of the top tourist destinations in India full of beauty and culture.  However, for Kashmir’s youth, it can be boring especially on days the internet is barred. On these days, it is common to see many sitting outside store fronts with friends or just hanging around.  Lately Kashmir’s youth has had new places to chill. More and more internet cafes are lining the streets bringing more opportunities for Kashmiris. With trendy names and themes, these hip cafes play Indian pop music while offering cozy western inspired furniture.

All owned and run by Kashmiris in their 20s and 30s there are now more than a dozen cafés and each has a distinct identity. Goodfellas on the banks of the river Jhelum is the hub of writers, poets, and artists, while Winterfell, inspired by the popular fantasy series Game of Thrones is preferred by a fun-loving and trendy crowd of young people, particularly women (shout-out to Lady Sansa!). Books N Bricks, with its suave ambience, sees a mixed, sometimes slightly older crowd.  Now Kashmir is not only a tourist destination but a growing hub of tech cafes that offers networking opportunities and a safe place to hang with peers.